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amethyst cluster
amethyst cluster
amethyst cluster
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rock book page
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Amethyst Clusters (6 pc), each cluster measures approximately 2-2.5 inches, BONUS: Rock & Mineral Book and Educational Information ID card included!

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6 premium amethyst clusters, Rock & Mineral book, and Educational ID card.

Each premium quality amethyst crystal cluster measures 2-2.5 inches. Each cluster will be unique and so therefore sizes and shapes will all vary.

Rock and Mineral book is included and it is filled with bright photos and interesting facts-perfect for budding rock-hounds! It is a simple guide to get you started and hopefully spark your interest in further rock and mineral exploration. Learn how to identify and classify rocks and minerals. Each rock title has a phonics key so you can pronounce with ease. Mohs scale and accompanying instructions provide fun and educational activities. Also comes with educational ID card.

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz. It is a semi-precious stone and is the traditional birthstone for February. The ancient Greeks believed it prevented intoxication. Medieval soldiers wore Amethyst talismans for protection in battle. In the Old World, it was as valuable as diamonds, until large deposits were discovered. It has a Mohs scale hardness of 7.

Amethyst is a peaceful stone and is used for healing, peace, and tranquility. It relieves anxiety and brings mental strength and positive thinking. Amethyst works on the sixth and seventh chakras helping with meditation and introspection. (Please note: metaphysical meanings & spiritual healing lore are not prescriptions, diagnosis, or healthcare).

Assembled in the USA. Buying this kit supports The Pearl Buck Center in their mission to help people with disabilities obtain employment. We also donated 10% of all profits to charitable organizations worldwide.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your money including all shipping costs.

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